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The ultimate cricket batting training mat.

Enjoy results you can see in minutes not months.

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Best cricket training drills for coaches

As a coach, you can give clear demonstrations of the shot in real time, in slow motion and also in distinct stages. Youngsters can then practice the shot whilst you will find it easier to observe and identify problems of technique and then quickly correct them

Cricket training drills - Club-practice-with-cricket-Training-mat
The cricket coaching mat is engineered from durable artificial grass. It measures 2m by 1.4m which is equivalent to a batsman’s space when at the wicket.The mat has 39 holes drilled into along 9 different lines, 4 on the off side 4 on the leg and one on middle stump.
4 arcs of holes allow you to play back foot shots, front foot shots (catering for small and longer strides) and moving down the wicket shots.
Flexible yet durable tubes of 5 varying heights are inserted from below into one of the holes. These represent the bounce or length of the ball. Once fixed in position the tees do not move so allowing for rapid shot repetition (10 shots per minute)
The correct foot positions for every shot are made by stepping onto perfectly positioned footprints. Now you can practice all the shots – from cover drives to on drives, square cuts to pulls and sweeps as well as the full range of defensive strokes.
To add realism, the mat has a crease and space behind it to pitch a set of stumps.
As a coach you can give clear demonstrations of the shot in real time ,in slow motion and also in distinct stages. Youngsters can then practice the shot whilst you will find it easier to observe and identify problems of technique and then quickly correct them.
The cricket coaching mat weighs 14kg or about 30 lbs so is light and easy to carry, to move and to store.

What shots can you practice with our Cricket Training Mat?

The most effective Cricket training drills. How can a youngster master any particular shot when the bowling they face is all over the place? Our Cricket training mat allows them to regularly practice one shot at a time without the need for a bowler.

You can practice every cricket shot with the video’s below fresh in your mind at any time of day or night and at any time of the year

Grip stance backlift

Straight drive

Cover drive

On drive

Moving out to drive

Forward Defence

Back defence

Back foot drive

Pull shot

The sweep

Square cut

Switch hitting

Really effective cricket training drills with the No1 cricket coaching mat

There are several ways to use the mat and each will depend on the number and age of the children that you are working with.

With largish numbers of younger children I suggest that you have a game by setting the tee piece in say the straight drive position, demonstrating the shot a few times and then letting them have a go.

To involve more players more of the time organise the pitch like a baseball/rounders game with 4 bases. Give the batting team 5 lives (run outs/ caught) and let them have one shot each in rotation.

With older/more skilled players a groups of say 5 at a time can be taken to one side and the shot of the day an be discussed, demonstrated, practiced then tried out under either a game condition (see above) or as a simple drill where one player hits 6 shots and the others field.

One player hitting a shot and running a single can then develop this. They then joining the fielders as somebody else plays a shot and takes a run etc.

Another idea is for the person who is due to bat next in the nets to practice a particular shot whilst waiting his turn.

You could also wait until a person has batted and then set the mat up for them to work on a shot that they have not played particularly well.

Some clubs have made a long term plan of the shots over summer. e.g.

  • Week 1 straight drives
  • Week 2 off drives
  • Week 3 cover drives etc

Finally the coaching mat will help with fielding drills with players taking it in turns to field at mid off, mid on, extra cover, deep backward square etc.

Have somebody hitting balls straight to them or just to either side of them and develop it by including a compulsory run with fielders backing up at both ends and you can simulate real match situations easily and frequently.

Please email us if you have developed any other ideas on ways to use the coaching mat!

Where can you use our Cricket training mat for your cricket training drills?

Versatile, easy to store and longlasting, nothing works harder to improve the batting style of your players

As part of your junior cricket sessions teaching a different shot each week.
After the net if you feel a particular shot needs further practice to iron out any faults.
On the day of a big match prior to going in to bat.
On the outfield creating a realistic game scenario for your squad of players.
Use at home in the garden or on the driveway when the others in the team are not practising.
Whilst a player is padded up waiting for their turn in a net.
Brilliant in any coaching environment, 1-2-1 or groups. Keep everybody involved all the time and develop vital match skills of stopping, throwing, catching, backing up and running between the wickets.
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